Title Deed Process

Documents required for Title Deed
1-The passport as the original identity card (The passport should be translated by a sworn translator and the translation should be notarially validated) or the original letter of attorney (This document can also be taken with the notarially validated translation of the passport)
2- The tax identification number
3- Two (2) photographs
4- The address and the phone number

How long does it take to get the Title Deed ?
You can get the title deed within 3 months after having applied for it.

Does the Title Deed mean to have the residence permit?
Every foreigner who visits Turkey can have a 6 months residence permit, with or without a title deed. The foreign nationals have more chance to have the residence permit if they buy real estate from Turkey.

Which country's citizens can not obtain title deed from Turkish Republic?
According to the Law last year revised, the citizens of this countries are not able to purchase
real estate and acquire properties from Turkey:
-North Korea
The citizens of the countries apart these 3 can acquire real estate from Turkey unless there is
any international search warrant about them (Interpol / Red Bulletin)