Why Turkey Why Istanbul


*Istanbul is in the upper ranks among the fastest growing cities of Europe
*Its estimated annual growth rate as capital is between 30-50% for the next 5 years
*The new mortgage legislation offers very convenient payment options for domestic and foreign buyers
*According to the research by the Turkish Government, it's estimated that there will be a demand of 2,5 millions of new residence until 2017
*The current population of Istanbul is approximately 18 millions of people and it has the highest rate of young population among the European cities, with its growth of 250 thousands persons per year.
*In 2012, Istanbul has been selected the “investable city” by Wall Street Journal
*Every year, the number of real estate buyers as commercial and retail is approximately 500.000
*In Istanbul, the returns provided over long-term local tenants are more that 8-10% and this situation shows that Istanbul is the one with the highest rental income among the European cities.
* In the last five years, Turkey has had one of the fastest growing economies of the world with its rate of 8%