Statement from the Minister of Transport on the new airport in Istanbul

Minister of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan has stated that considering the construction on the new airport in Istanbul the number of the employees has reached up to 30 thousand, he also said “ Our goal is in short time to increase the number of employees up to 35 thousand. He added “With the finalizing of the airport of Istanbul, we estimate the direct or indirect number of employees up to 225 thousand.”


During the statements, the minister Ahmet Arslan evaluated the construction of the new airport in Istanbul.

The most intense level of work is reached in the summer months stated Arslan, adding that using the Envision certificate which is one of the most important references in terms of sustainability the registration process has ended. Beside the North America, holding the certificate as base for the project new airport Istanbul will be the first project of this kind – stated Arslan.

Istanbul’s new airport will be the first and the biggest from scratch build project under one roof at the finalizing new turning point, After July 25th, the construction of the airport will be the gateway to the world with 36 thousand and 66 employees, that continues with light speed – he added.

The target of 30 thousand employees set for 2017 has passed, said Arslan and he continued:

"We aimed to increase the number of employees in the summer to 30 thousand. With great pleasure we would like to announce that we achieved this in July. Despite the heavy summer rains, with increased acceleration the work continues. Our next target is to reach to a level of 35 thousand employees. With the finalizing of the airport of Istanbul, we estimate the direct or indirect number of employees up to 225 thousand.”



Describing the application of the Envision Sustainability Certificate of the Sustainable Infrastructure Institute, which assesses the environmental, social and economic impacts of infrastructure projects, stating Arslan, "We expect to be the first airport in North America to be awarded prestigious worldwide certification and the largest infrastructure project in the world” added Arslan.




The planned opening of the airport project on October 28 2018 is 57% complete, stated Arslan and added the following:

“Steel roof the Terminal Building works have been completed to a great extent, the main Terminal building’s work on roofing and faced have been started. The progress of 65% in the construction of the luggage system has been completed and the installation process of the 28 berth (Passenger Bridge) has been started. More than 300 elevators, escalators and moving band equipment were brought to the site and assembled. Air Traffic Control Tower’s construction is complete, facade and roofing works is started for construction. The tower is a candidate to be one of the most important icons representing Istanbul. In addition to these, beside the 3 thousand 750 meters long and 60 meters wide airport construction asphalt pavement and the connected taxi routes came to end. "

Minister Arslan added that the opening of the airport will be in width of 4 thousand 100 meters, and 60 meters long second asphalt pavement  connecting the taxi roads are continuing with the earth works, while some parts of the same underground base work is started – said Arslan.